Down’s syndrome

Screening for Down’s syndrome from maternal blood sample and by ultrasound

The most important thing for all expectant mothers is to have a healthy baby. A severely ill child is a great strain on the family. The aim of prenatal diagnostics experts is to develop procedures that are available for everyone and do not expose either mothers or their unborn babies to any danger.

The Istenhegyi Genetic Diagnostic Centre uses the continuously upgraded database and risk analysis softwares of the British Wolfson Institute and the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

  • Down’s syndrome can be screened with a 90-95% accuracy, using ultrasound and maternal blood samples
  • Maternal blood testing and ultrasound are completely safe for the mother and the foetus
  • Expectant mothers over the age of 35 can avoid amniocentesis with these tests
  • These tests also enable pregnant women under the age of 35 to substantially reduce the risk of Down’s syndrome
  • The combined test can be carried out as early as the 12th week of pregnancy and the results are available within 1 – 1.5 hours

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