Gynecology and family planning

At the Istenhegyi Genetic Diagnostics Centre we provide full-service gynaecological screening for every woman. Our patients receive special attention and a personalized treatment in case of problems as our professionals have an extended background in treating those due to their developed expertise throughout the years, while the various services we offer cover most solutions to the detected problems.

With the help of our laboratory, we provide quicker screening results when compared to other institutes. Furthermore, the chance is also given to identify personal predispositions to diseases, infections and other possible gynaecological problems.

The Istenhegyi Genetic Diagnostics Centre offers the following services:

  • general gynaecological screening
  • HPV treatment
  • child- and teenager gynaecological screening
  • family planning counselling
  • infertility screening
  • over age pregnancy treatment
  • prenatal care

The importance of regular screenings cannot be overemphasized. It is essential to go through screenings repeatedly from the teenager phase on. With that, further illnesses and complications can be foregone; cervical cancer, deep vein thrombosis and infertility can be prevented. We lay a great emphasis on prevention and we encourage our patients to follow us in doing so.

If you have questions or you want to set up a date for screening, do not hesitate to contact us.